Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wordless Wednesdays: Beautiful Brighton

 photo brighton1_zps61110830.jpg
 photo brighton2_zps5522b9f0.jpgAside from for whistle stop business meetings from London, I had never been to Brighton before my sister's hen party there last month. Now I can't wait to visit again with the family next summer.
Love Tor x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lifestyle: Chime for Change With Kelloggs Special K

 photo chimefor1_zps27a2ae99.jpg
Hi guys,
Why am I showing you a box of breakfast cereal, I hear you ask? Because this is no ordinary box of Kelloggs Special K! In fact, only 200 of these boxes were produced. They were designed in collaboration with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini to help raise awareness for Chime For Change: the latest charitable collaboration that Kelloggs are supporting, and the one with the best byline: "Education. Health. Justice. For every girl. Every woman. Everywhere. Because none of us can move forward if half of us are held back."

Chime for Change is much more than pretty cereal boxes: the charity was founded in 2003 by founded by Frida Giannini, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek Pinault and so far they have funded more than 390 projects to support girls and women in 88 countries through 132 non-profit partners. Now Special K have come on board re-designed 18.5 million of their cereal boxes, enabling people enjoying a bowl of Special K in the mornings to have the opportunity to join in the campaign. You can support education, health and justice for girls and women by going online and voting for the projects you would most like to see funded. You literally can help to encourage change whilst eating your breakfast!
 photo chimefor2_zps3934b6bf.jpg
 photo chimefor3_zps23f0b108.jpg
I was not paid to write this post, but I was given the opportunity to choose one of the Chime for Change charities to receive a £50 donation on my behalf. I chose a project based in India with the aim of helping to fight childhood malnutrition before it starts. I know worldwide poverty isn't a particularly current or 'sexy' issue. But I chose this charity because the idea of not being able to feed my little boy is terrifying to me. I can't imagine having to watch helplessly as your child becomes increasingly ill simply because you can't afford to give them something to eat: It makes me feel sick. It's mind boggling that this is something that still happens all of the world (including right here in this country) every day.

You can help to support the project using the hashtag #chimein @MySpecialK_UK and of course, by donating to any of the incredibly wonderful good causes the project supports that you feel passionate about.

Love Tor x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Wonderful Winter From Primark

Hi guys,
Primark really do define the concept of 'fast fashion': it seems like they have a new season drop every week! Here are the latest images from their winter collection, and they clearly have cosy Christmas days in mind (offically the first mention of the 'C' word: sorry!) I love the combination of knitted sweaters with matching knitted skirts, which would love perfect teamed with thick tights and ankle boots for eating turkey (think how stretchy those knitted skirts will be), festive walks to the pub and, well, just about anything else really!
 photo primarknew1_zpsd46254da.png
Image 1: Dress £17, Tights £3, Shoes £14, Snood £6, Cuff £4, Bag, £12
Image 2:Jumper £12, Skirt £8, Snood £6, Bag £12/
 photo primarknew2_zps5b499112.png
Image 3:Jumper £12, Skirt £10, Necklace £4, Ears stylists own
Image 4:Jumper £16, Hat £7
 photo primarknew3_zpsd85dd05e.png
Image 5: Jumper £12, Skirt £10
Image 6:Coat £35, Top £8, Legging £6, Shoes £14

The subtle Minnie Mouse theme through the new drop was always going to appeal to me too; I'm always looking for cute but not to tacky Disney attire to save for my next trip! The pieces that are immediately on my must-have list though are the vintage style faux fur jacket (which at £35 is a complete bargain) and the checked knitted skirt and jumper combination. I love a bold check and I love the colour combination too: definitely something I would wear for smarter-than-casual cold winter days.

Are you still in love with Primark (it's an adddiction that's hard to give up) or have you lost interest in their cheap disposable wears?

Love Tor x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Bridesmaids Shoes

 photo bridesmaidshoe1_zps56085ea4.jpg
 photo bridesmaidshoe2_zps3d1d7748.jpg
 photo bridesmaidshoe3_zpsccdd3cce.jpg
OK: not quite wordless (I'm rubbish at that!) But I just had to show off these amazing Irregular Choice shoes that I will be wearing as a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding in just 6 weeks time! (You can buy them here, where they have been reduced to £67.99)
Love Tor x

Friday, 10 October 2014

Holiday Guide: Disneyland Paris With a Toddler

Hi guys,
It has taken me a full month since we got back to sit down and write this post, but we had such a truly wonderful time that I just had to document it here, as well as share the ups (and downs) of taking my favourite little person to the happiest place in the world.
 photo disneyland1_zps82466db0.jpg
 photo disneyland4_zps8e4cb450.jpg
The first thing to say it that we had an amazing time. We are a family of Disney lovers (we watch a different Disney film every week) which definitely helps but isn't a pre-requisite of enjoying a Disney trip.  We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge (which is one of the Disney hotels) in a Golden Forest suite for 4 nights. This meant we got to have breakfast with the characters and afternoon tea in a separate lounge each day - well worth the price of the upgrade! Wilbur was 21 months old and over the required 90cm tall to ride most of the rides aimed at kids. This made for a much different trip compared to last time, as this time last year he was only allowed on 4 rides. This year we rode dozens!

Based on our experience this time, here are a few do's and don'ts for travelling to Disneyland Paris with a toddler:
 photo disneyland3_zps07a0e53b.jpg photo disneyland2_zpsdefd781b.jpg
DO dine with the characters if it's within your budget. We managed to have 3 character dinners and character breakfasts everyday. It was the highlight of the trip for all of us, as it meant Wilbur could meet all of his favourite characters (the highlight of his holiday) without having to stand in line for an hour.
 photo disneyland9_zps29c1b4ac.jpg
DO make the most of extra magic hours. This is something only available to Disney hotel guests that means the parks open from 8am-10am, giving you exclusive access to Fantasyland and Discoveryland. We managed to ride all of the rides in these areas at least twice every morning! Fantasyland is the section of the park most suitable for toddlers, so this was especially helpful for us, and we loved being able to wander around the almost-empty park taking photos.
 photo disneyland7_zpsd1caa6e8.jpg
 photo disneyland8_zpsf44cd9ac.jpg
DO see the parades. Yes, you have to wait for a little while to get a decent viewing spot (as we were travelling during the off peak season we actually only waited 15 minutes and had a brilliant view) but the parades are well worth it. Wilbur was sat on Mike's shoulders clapping his hands and waving at all his favourite characters and the moment was so magical that I cried. Happy tears like a lady! It was the highlight of my trip.
 photo disneyland5_zps2f8060b2.jpg
DO take your kids in costume. During the course of our stay Wilbur dressed as Buzz Lightyear, Pirate Jake, and wore a whole host of Mickey outfits and hats. He loved all the fuss and attention her got because of it, particularly on the Buzz Lightyear ride, where the cast members saluted him and called him 'Commander Buzz'. However.....

DON'T wear costume yourself. Children over 11 and adults aren't allowed to dress in costume as it may confuse other guests about who the real characters are (which makes sense when you think about it!)

DON'T worry if you don't get a direct train. Direct trains from St Pancras to the Disneyland resort don't run everyday. We had to change trains at Lille instead and were worried about how we would cope with the pram, the luggage, the toddler and everything else. We needn't have worried: the change was a really easy one (with lifts everywhere!) and we were in the Parks in no time!

DON'T feel the need to stick to an itinerary. That way lies disappointment! At one point we rode the 'It's a small world ride' six times in a row because that's what Wilbur wanted to do. Being lead by him rather than trying to force him into an itinerary meant for a much more relaxed and stress-free holiday for everyone.
 photo disneyland6_zps935fa0ed.jpg
DON'T worry too much about money! The internet can be a dangerous place and when I started doing some research about spending money and the cost of food prior to this trip I was worried we weren't taking enough cash. Yes, food is expensive (but no more so than in any other theme park) and there are souvenir shops everywhere but if you're on a budget I also noticed a McDonald's and there are so many rides, shows and other things to do that you don't really have time for shopping anyway! In the summer months you can even picnic in the beautiful grounds just outside the park. We had a blow out this trip and spent far too much on toys and presents for Wilbur, but I wouldn't feel my holiday was lacking at all if we don't do the same next time.

This was our second trip to Disneyland Paris with Wilbur (you can read about taking a baby to Disneyland Paris here) but it won't be our last. I have my eyes on a trip for the enchanted Christmas celebration next year.....

Love Tor x